Registration procedure

Registering your child at Plukkebol is very easy

Fill in the registration form and send this to us.

What happens after submitting the registration form

Upon receiving the registration form, Plukkebol will confirm your registration and you will be added to our registration list. Please note that the registration itself does not guarantee a place.

Obtaining a place depends on the following: 

  • Our pedagogical policy; 
  • The rules and regulations regarding the group size, group room and the deployment of educational employees; 
  • Preference given to second children of current customers;

Our planning department will inform you if your child may start at Plukkebol daycare about six months in advance of your stated date. Children will be offered a place in order of receipt of registration. This period is three to six months before your stated date for a place at out-of-school care. As some schools have a waiting list, we will only be able to offer you a place after you have received a confirmation from the school you choose.

In some circumstances, we will not follow the order of registration. This is so that we can give preference to the brothers and/or sisters of children who already attend Plukkebol and to the children of our own employees. We also try to balance the age structure in the various groups to make sure the move from one group to another group is as gradual as possible for the children.

After accepting the offer of a place, a notice period of one month applies should you wish to cancel the childcare or decrease the number of days. In the latter case, please contact us to discuss the options. All matters relating to your child’s time at our childcare will be formalised in a placement agreement. The ‘General Terms and Conditions for Childcare, Day Nursery and Out-of-School Care 2016’ are part of our placement agreement (not yet available in English).

Your child is welcome to come to our centre before officially starting childcare in order to get used to the group room, the educational employees and the other children in his/her group. This familiarisation visit is for half a day and will be combined with a meeting with the group’s educational employees so that you can get to know each other. The familiarisation meeting will be scheduled after the placement agreement is signed and is free of charge.