Please see the price lists below for our hourly rates for daycare and out-of-school care in 2023.

Daycare (DC)

price list  PDF

Out-of-school care (OSC)

Cornelis Musiusschool price list  PDF
Delftsche Schoolvereeniging (DSV) price list  PDF
Delftse Montessorischool price list  PDF
Freinetschool price list  PDF
Gabriëlschool price list  PDF
International School Delft (ISD) price list  PDF
Max Havelaarschool price list  PDF
de Meander price list  PDF
Het Mozaïek price list  PDF
de Oostpoort  price list  PDF
Prins Mauritsschool price list  PDF
het Spectrum price list  PDF
de Triangel price list  PDF

Explanation of full out-of-school care package costs

The invoices for out-of-school care state two amounts: 

  • the actual number of hours from the moment each school ends to the moment the childcare centre closes. These hours can be claimed as childcare allowance from the Dutch government (the ‘kinderopvangtoeslag’); 
  • an additional charge for the purchase of the full out-of-school care package (€3.40 extra per out-of-school care afternoon per school day i.e. €14.66 per month, For the Cornelis Musiusschool the rate is €1.70 extra per out-of-school care afternoon per school day i.e. €7.33 per month). This additional charge cannot be claimed as childcare allowance.

The full out-of-school care package entails the collection of your child either from his/her classroom or from an assembly point in the school by one of our employees who will bring him/her safely to the Plukkebol centre; and out-of-school care when the school is closed for holidays and teachers’ training days.

For the childcare allowance system, parents will only be able to claim the hours from the end of the school day to the time the out-of-school care centre closes. Now that we invoice the contribution for the full out-of-school care package separately, parents have a good overview of which costs may be claimed as childcare allowance.

Naturally, parents who do not purchase the full out-of-school care package do not need to pay this additional contribution. These parents make their own arrangements for the transportation of their children from school to Plukkebol and for childcare during teachers’ training days.

Other schools

Out-of-school care at Plukkebol is also available for children who attend other schools. However, you will need to make your own arrangements for transportation from the school to Plukkebol and for childcare during teachers’ training days. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Invoice and standing order

We send invoices for out-of-school care a month in advance. The invoice needs to be paid before the start of the month, preferably by standing order. The amount for the following month will be debited from your bank account on the last working day of each month. If you pay the invoice by standing order you will no longer need to pay the monthly administrative costs, which are charged per family. A form to authorise the standing order is enclosed with the placement agreement.

The monthly payment is equal to 1/12 of the annual costs. The annual costs will be calculated on the basis of the maximum number of hours of childcare you are entitled to under the terms of the agreement. This means that any hours that Plukkebol is closed, outside the official public holidays, will not be included in the annual costs. Although the number of days that the childcare centre is open varies every month, the monthly invoice will always be the same.

The Childcare Provisions Act determines the childcare allowance that you are entitled to. Together with the placement agreement, you will receive the information you need to apply for the childcare allowance from the Dutch tax authorities.