Hudito discount

A Hudito membership is available to all Plukkebol children. A Plukkebol employee will bring the children to the team coach before practice starts and will also collect them afterwards. The oldest children can travel to and from the practice by themselves, but only in consultation with our employees. For those children interested in a Hudito membership, Plukkebol offers a € 120 discount per child on the annual membership fee. 

Conditions for Hudito discount 

  • Benjamins, F, E, D youth players: € 120 per season (€ 10 per month). The discount will be deducted from the monthly Plukkebol invoice. 
  • The discount applies to weekdays during the months that your child attends out-of-school care at Plukkebol. 
  • The discount also applies if the Hudito training takes place on a day that your child is not at Plukkebol. For instance, if your child comes to Plukkebol on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and the Hudito training is on Thursdays. 
  • The discount is valid up to 30 June 2020. The new discount for the following season will be determined at the end of May each year. Parents will be informed accordingly. No rights can derived from discounts received in the past. 
  • The discount will be calculated proportionately from the first month after you have provided proof of your child’s Hudito membership, and the membership fee has been paid in full. You can do this by logging onto ‘Mijn Hudito’ (using your log-in code), making a print screen of the membership status and sending this printout to Plukkebol. 

If you have any further questions or would like to apply for the Hudito discount straightaway, please contact us.