Van Emdenstraat natural playground

In 2015, Plukkebol’s outdoor area at the Van Embdenstraat location was completely renovated and was turned into a natural playground. A natural playground is where children can play in a natural green environment. Nature can shape and have an impact on children.

What is in the natural playground?

  • A snoezelen garden in a separate baby patio that is safely separated from the older children where the youngest children’s senses are stimulated.
  • A water play area with a water pump, sand and a sand and water table.
  • A willow tunnel escape route.
  • Willow screens with peep holes.
  • A sensory floor tile.
  • A kitchen garden.
  • A playhouse with slide.
  • Beautiful trees, flowers, plants and herbs.
  • A wall made from piled up different types of stone.
  • Tree trunks to sit on or to jump off.
  • Waterproof overalls and natural rubber boots for all the children when it is wet and/or cold.
  • Enough shade in the summer from the tarp above the water play area and several shady plane trees in the garden.
  • Inflatable paddling pools for summer.
  • Three-wheel bikes, scooters, wheelbarrows and all sorts of outdoor play equipment.
  • Private entrance into the adjacent Westerhonk playground.

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