Westerhonk Playground

Plukkebol’s Raamstraat location has its own entrance to the Westerhonk Playground. Plukkebol has made an agreement with the playground so that we may play there every day, even when the playground is closed to the public.

Our toddler groups and out-of-school care use the playground frequently. In the morning the playground is for the exclusive use of Plukkebol and a toddler indoor play room is reserved. The playground is open to the public from 13:30. In general, the toddlers play in the playground in the morning while the out-of-school care children play there in the afternoon.

What is in the natural playground?

  • A water play area with a water pump and sand.
  • Swings, slides, climbing frames, a cableway.
  • Natural playground.
  • Outdoor benches and tables to sit or to eat lunch at.
  • A large sandpit.
  • And lots more.

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