Building and outside area

Plukkebol has warmly welcomed children aged zero to twelve at the Raamstraat location since 2002. There are six daycare groups and two out-of-school care groups in the building. The play hall is at the heart of the building. This is where the children play when the weather is too cold or wet to play outside. Every group has its own group room. The indoor and outdoor areas are considerably larger than the standards set for childcare. Children need space – both physically and mentally – to play to their hearts’ content and develop. The outside area, which is fenced off, has both trees and plants. Children can enjoy themselves in the sandbox or on the slides. Both baby groups have their own patio, adjacent to the group rooms, where they can play outdoors when the weather is nice. They are safe and are separated from the bigger children.

Additional outside activities

Plukkebol has direct access to the Westerhonk playground, which is located right next to the Plukkebol garden. This gives us the opportunity to use the playground anytime, even when it is closed to the public.