The toddler group is the next step in a child’s stay at Plukkebol. By now, they are developing faster than ever before and life is one big adventure. At Plukkebol we offer a wide variety of activities for your toddler. Playing with dolls or in the shop; building a train track; or playing with the cars in the garage. Anyone want to play dress up?

The group consists of sixteen toddlers and two permanent educational employees. There are activity corners, each offering a different kind of game, so there is always something to a child’s liking. The drawers in our toy cupboard are filled with wonderful toys.

The educational employees of this group are all very creative and know exactly how to stimulate the children’s own creativity. Let’s get to work with these big pieces of paper, paint, glue and coloured sand! One of the most fun things to do is walking on paint on your bare feet before running across a large piece of paper. Toddler gym, music and drama are also part of our programme.

Most toddlers do not need a nap anymore during the day, but our employees make sure there is time to relax between the various activities. A great way to get the children to settle down is to tell a beautiful story, especially when the children get to pick out the book themselves.

We work with themed programmes, so for a couple of weeks everything the children do revolves around a certain theme such as the farm, the mailman, colours, food and so on. Our employees base the themes on what appeals to the children at the time.

Just as with the other groups, we like to take the toddlers outside as much as possible. They have their own vegetable garden and take their responsibility for watering the plants and vegetables very seriously.

Although educationalists tend to believe that children of this age do not yet really play together, we see the opposite every day at Plukkebol. The children are already forming strong bonds with each other and their interaction is beautiful to watch!