No longer a baby, it’s time to walk, play and explore! But although the infants themselves might feel like big boys and girls, they are still very small – the educational employees at the infants’ group understand this all too well and know exactly how to handle the children in this development phase. They make sure your child plays safely and they help the children interact with each other.

The infants’ group consists of eleven one to two year olds who are looked after by two permanent members of staff, who are known to your child. The individual schedule that we follow for each child in the baby group will gradually turn into a shared group schedule. However, we will always make sure your child gets the individual attention he or she needs and deserves.

Playing together right after being dropped off, singing songs at the table in the group room. Another day at Plukkebol begins! Our educational employees offer a selection of activities that will stimulate the infants to explore, move around and have fun. Dancing to music, painting or spending some quiet time away from the group in our snoezelen area. There are fixed times for a visit to the toilet, for lunch, snacks and sleep. Every infant has his or her own personal, and thus familiar, bed to sleep in and an employee stays with the children to sing or read to them until they are all asleep. But before lights out, it is always party time! 

We try to go outside every day and up to now we have almost been able to live up to that promise. Only when the weather is really bad do we stay inside and take the children to our beautiful play hall where they can play. The hall has a playhouse with a slide as well as various other play equipment. Our garden is lovely and green, and is safely enclosed by a fence. The children can cycle around on tricycles, play in the sandbox or go down the slide from the outdoor playhouse. We have created enough shaded areas for sunny days and if it gets really warm we will set up small swimming pools. Of course there is always an employee nearby to keep a close eye on the pool party.

At Plukkebol we make sure we give each child enough individual attention: a cuddle from an employee, a gentle stroke through your hair. After a fun-filled day at Plukkebol, it is time to go home again with mum or dad. See you next time!