Daycare centre

Our daycare centre offers full-time daycare to children before they are old enough to go to primary school. Every child is unique, so we have made sure that our groups are set up in such a way that every child’s personal needs will be met.


However, children in the same age group and development phase do have similar needs. Babies like a quiet and safe place to crawl around in; infants enjoy sitting with one of the educational employees to read a book; and toddlers can turn out to be quite the little musicians when playing the instruments. The daily routines at our centres offer enough time for personal care and attention.

Our groups

During their time at our daycare centre, the children will pass through four groups. We offer group care that meets the shared needs of children during each of their development phases, as well as personal attention and care. All the groups are divided by age and our employees are specially trained for each specific age group. At Plukkebol we believe that this so-called ‘same age group’ division works best for the children themselves. It also enhances safety and hygiene, and creates peace and quiet.

Our employees

Our employees pride themselves on being involved, experienced and putting the children’s needs first at all times. Each group team consists of three educational employees, all of whom have degrees in childcare. There are two team members in each group every day, while the third has a day off. Working with permanent employees means the children will always see familiar faces when they come to daycare. If one of the employees is ill or on holiday, the other two will work longer or we will ask one of own Plukkebol substitute employees to step in. For the baby groups, we work with a number of permanent substitute employees, all of whom have gone through a special induction programme. We welcome students on work placement, but they work alongside the two permanent employees and never as a temporary replacement for one of them.

Our location managers

Each location has two location managers and in general at least one of them is present every day. They are the first point of contact for parents, and they support and assist the educational employees where needed.

More than enough space and good quality

Our childcare centres are beautiful and tastefully decorated. We kept the children and their needs in mind during the design and layout. The indoor and outdoor spaces are considerably larger than the standards set for childcare centres. Plukkebol: when parents want quality and the best for their children.